Mid-workout energy crash?

If you feel you are losing energy mid-workout, there could be a number of possible reasons.


First, look at your fuel.  How are you fueling your body?  How you are eating daily as well as pre-workout?  Muscle requires energy and energy derives predominantly from fats and carbs.

If your storage of carbs is insufficient, then you will feel growing fatigue as you move through your workout.  Many following a low-carb diet who workout heavily experience this.  Review your workout regimen, intensity, and frequency along with your eating habits.


Secondly, we recommend thinking about your hydration levels as well.  Could you be dehydrated?  Early morning risers, who workout first thing without much to drink could experience quicker fatigue.  A cup of coffee and then a workout is not likely ideal.  Or if you’ve not properly hydrated the day before your big workout, had too much alcohol, etc. you may have issues as well.   On extremely hot days or if you sweat a lot in general, you may find you need extra fluids throughout the workout.  Water is excellent but don’t forget to consider ‘good’ electrolyte replacement.  We recommend utilizing Rehydrate…pre or post-workout. Rehydrate has a 1:1 ratio of sodium and potassium, two of the most vital electrolytes lost when we sweat.  And there are many other benefits too!


Finally, watch your intensity. Training at too high of an intensity, more than your body is prepared for, can lead to not only added fatigue, but soreness or injury.

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Drinking enough water each day is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Adding a serving of AdvoCare Rehydrate to water provides the following:


to re-establish the electrolyte balance in the body and support muscle contraction during and after exercise


to help rehydrate the body and sustain energy levels during exertion


for energy production and sustained muscle endurance 


for additional benefit during exercise and as you recover


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