“Physically” fit, but not “Nutritionally” fit?

We know how exercise and nutrition are vital to a healthy lifestyle but do we take time to understand how powerfully they are connected?  When I say “good nutrition”, I also mean proper, appropriate, correct, and the right nutrition.  You get it.  Good nutrition can enhance your physical performance and help gain all the benefits possible from exercise.  Poor nutrition, on the other hand, can only weaken your athletic activities and thus lead to sub-par performance, potential injuries, disease and more.

It is always good to analyze your nutrition…regardless if you’re a professional athlete, a workout junkie, or just starting to workout.  Think about whether your body is getting the nutrition it needs to support what you are (or will be) demanding from it.  And as your physical demands change, analyze again.

Your wellbeing (physical and mental) is largely based on the food you consume and the eating behavior you maintain.  With busy lifestyles and the need to grab and go, most diets are inadequate to achieve optimum health.  Athletes specifically and primarily due to the amount of exertion compared to the average person.

Let’s talk exercise and physical demands.  As you increase exercise, your body is burning fuel and going beyond normal limits.  Could nutrition for a sedentary person be enough?  No. Good nutrition combined with exercise can accomplish these things and more:

  • Maximize lean muscle mass.
  • Reduce body fat for ideal health and performance.
  • Assist the body in storing energy in the form of carbohydrate and fat releasing it appropriately during times of rest, sustained activity, peak performance and recovery. Recovery is widely underrated!
  • Stress and tissue damage prevention. If the muscles, tendons, and ligaments are not healthy, they cannot act as shock absorbers to help disperse stress away from the bones and joints. With exercise comes some tissue damage. Prime nutrition supplies the body what it needs to repair itself and to rebuild new tissue.

Athletes need to accomplish these four items and more.  Their ‘output’ is greater than most plus more muscle to feed and recover.  They, as any of us, should ponder these signs of inadequate nutrition (and there are more): lack of energy; insomnia; chronically stiff muscles and joints; poor flexibility; poor digestion; poor recovery from training; frequent injuries.

If you find yourself lacking, look at your daily intake and eating behavior and see what may be missing.  One of the best options to consider is supplementation.  Reach out to us for guidance and look at the Recommended Products below for more.  We are here to help!

Recommended products:  Meal Replacement Shakes, Catalyst for lean muscle mass, Flex for joint health and movement, MNS-3 for daily multi-nutrient needs, Rehydrate for hydration needs, and Post-Workout Recovery so you can stay on track for the next workout.

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Drinking enough water each day is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Adding a serving of AdvoCare Rehydrate to water provides the following:


to re-establish the electrolyte balance in the body and support muscle contraction during and after exercise


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